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Some noise tests

Not quite halfway done with that paper I mentioned earlier but decided a distraction was in order.

This is a project I’ve been toying with on and of for a long time.  I started toying with Perlin Noise because I hope to create a fully procedural game.  The noise would be useful for textures mainly but also landscapes and other various things.  So I made this program to play with how the noise behaves with different inputs. While doing so I found out  Simplex Noise is less expensive to compute so that is what this currently uses.

Feel free to play around with it, ask questions, I don’t care if you use it to make textures for yourself but I’d like recognition if you do. I’m going to open this to public comments so questions and comments can be asked and posted.

The in program help should be useful, but it doesn’t cover the gradient editor (far right in first screenshot). This is mainly because I got tired of writing help. If I get enough requests I’ll fix it.

My planned next evolution is to figure out how to make it generate tile-able noise as well as continuous noise.

This is a screenshot of all the pieces
This is a screenshot that has a more useful image, picture it as a height map of an environment where the blue would be water and white is top of mountains

These are other images produced by the program

This could be a heat map of some kind, or a region map possibly red being desert green could be forest, blue water, and yellow deserted islands
This is another like the above, but shows a more complicated landscape

You can download the stand alone .jar file here: NoiseTest.jar

Perhaps in a few days I’ll post some details on how this works, but it’s likely to take a while.

First Post

First post. Started this just as a way to post some current thoughts, which are these:

  • I’m putting off writing a history paper due Thursday and that I am not looking forward to doing it at all.
  • I wanted a place to post some of my current projects and have a place where I can update people. With that in mind I should point out that I have been using my google site for this purpose but it’s so horribly out of date now that I don’t want to update it. 
  • The “small” projects I start tend to loose my interest or I run into small road blocks. Both situations usually end up in me never finishing and starting on another project only to get the the same point.
  • Hoping that creating a place where I can post updates will keep me working on some of my current projects.  

For those who are interested, is my google site, HOWEVER BE WARNED I made it several years ago, so I was a bit more juvenile about cursing, and the comics I made have a twisted sense of humor that some may find inappropriate, however poorly drawn.