Updated my old site to link to this blog.

During my job search on Stony Brooks career site, I realized that in the list of references I could include this blog as a current indication of what I’m up to as well as a link to the few Google Code projects that were used as repositories for my school projects.

While doing so I realized that a google search of my e-mail, or my full name would be likely to turn up a google site I made about 5 years ago, that while demonstrating my love for programming was also quite juvenile, as only a male high school senior could be.  I have spent about an hour going through it and updating it. I did not update it to remove anything, but I added a disclaimer to the top of every page that it was indeed old, and does not represent my current views or the current quality of my new work. Most of the projects there were key in my teaching myself java, however they were made before my formal education in software design, and as such are dreadful to wade through the code in present day.

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