First Post

First post. Started this just as a way to post some current thoughts, which are these:

  • I’m putting off writing a history paper due Thursday and that I am not looking forward to doing it at all.
  • I wanted a place to post some of my current projects and have a place where I can update people. With that in mind I should point out that I have been using my google site for this purpose but it’s so horribly out of date now that I don’t want to update it. 
  • The “small” projects I start tend to loose my interest or I run into small road blocks. Both situations usually end up in me never finishing and starting on another project only to get the the same point.
  • Hoping that creating a place where I can post updates will keep me working on some of my current projects.  

For those who are interested, is my google site, HOWEVER BE WARNED I made it several years ago, so I was a bit more juvenile about cursing, and the comics I made have a twisted sense of humor that some may find inappropriate, however poorly drawn.

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