Well, The front page to matrixpeckham.com is up and running. And other things

So, after a few days of work, I have finally changed the front page of the main site from simply “under construction” to something quite a bit more interesting.  Although not done by a long shot, it has an interactive WebGL based background image, which should gracefully fall back on HTML5 canvas rendering in the event WebGL isn’t supported. It’s powered by ThreeJS, and uses noise generation code I found on github. The background allows scrolling and zooming, though the zooming isn’t correct, It does not currently zoom in correctly and fixing it would require some digging, math, and rewriting, which I will do at some point but not right away.
screen of my site


Tomorrow I have the day off from my day job, been meaning to catalog my fairly large collection of books and entertainment media for a very long time, now that I have this site seems like a good reason to re-invent the wheel and create a web-app for that.  Think I’ll start designing the Database for that tomorrow.  I’m thinking whole hog, multiple users right away, even though it’ll probably only ever be me that uses it. But I’m thinking it’s a bit late and that I should go to sleep soon, but before that perhaps a quick trip to Reddit to see if there’s anything worth reading.

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