Sick, working on library app.

I feel really sick today, woke up choking on my own swollen throat. Plan to go to the doctor as soon as possible.

The library app, is going slow, trying to find an API that will give cover art of Movies, Books, and Music, but no one database seems to have good coverage of all of them.  Thinking I’m going to try using FreeBase, a Google API and service which has just about everything, but it doesn’t have much of the cover art. The OMDB API seemed promising, however it’s only movies, and the poster/DVD case art is hosted elsewhere, which I don’t like, but I may end up using it anyway.  For music the best alternative seems to be MusicBrainz, which seems to provide only XML, and I would prefer JSON, though a beta JSON is mentioned. And for Books OpenLibrary seems far the best option.  Think that I may go with a hybrid approach. I’m working on a live copy, so you can track progress at

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