Tiled map generation now working

Working on my RTS game, and I now have a working tile based map.  It has working random generation, and a working A* pathfinder. Also has a working minimap.

The previous images show the minimap and map view zoomed at two different sizes.

The following image shows the visualization of the A* algorithm in action. for debug purposes each iteration of the algorithm is slowed down and the open set and closed set visualized as red and cyan tiles. The current node is depicted as the white tile.  The red tile not attached to the blob is the goal node. The start node was the highest point inside the gray rock formation.

 The following is the final path from the above visualized run.

 The following is several paths generated on the same map.  The two in the middle around the center rock position are so different because the path-finder was set to require 3 tile clearance for the top path, and therefore could not go through the gap the other path did. 

One thought on “Tiled map generation now working

  1. Chupacabras

    You can use Perlin Noise for the generation of the terrain, here is how the biomes in Minecraft work. As you can see he uses a heatmap in combination with a rainmap to create the biomes.


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